Euro Profile Cylinders

Euro Profile Cylinders

Euro Profile Cylinders are the type of cylinders on UPVC and Composite doors! There are so many Euro Profile cylinders available and it can really confuse people when they come to changing them.  There are some cheap ones that you may struggle getting spare keys for and these will not last long before they start to play up or jam completely.

Euro Profile Cylinders – What we stock

Here at Northampton Locksmiths Ltd we only stock Euro Profile Cylinders that we can rely on and cut spare keys for. We have a standard range of cylinders and stock 13 popular sizes in both Brass and Satin finishes.  We also stock Ultion 3 Star Diamond high security Euro Profile Cylinders, these are dual finish as standard but can be ordered in Brass or Chrome. Cylinder lengths start at 30mm x 30mm (measuring from end of cylinder to the screw in the middle and same the other side) and go up in 5mm increments.

  • Anti-Bump
  • Anti-Pick
  • Anti-Drill
  • Anti-Snap

People do not realise how many different variations of length cylinders are available on UPVC doors. This is because over the years door manufacturers have made so many different thicknesses of doors.  Cylinders with thumbturn on the inside are available but we only keep a small range in stock as there are 17 different standard variations and these are available in both Brass and Satin finishes.  We can order any other sizes in for you and receive them within 48hrs providing our suppliers have them in stock.

  • Anti-Bump
  • Anti-Pick
  • Anti-Drill
  • Anti-Snap
  • Lock Down Mode
  • TS007
  • 3 Star Sold Secure Diamond Rated
  • £1000 Snap Guarantee

Composite doors use a 35mm x 35mm cylinder and we keep key both sides or thumbturn in stock.

We can key alike our standard cylinders, in our shop, this is ideal when you have a pair of French doors or just want the convenience of having just 1 key for the front and back doors.

I recently went on a training course to enable us to provide the same service on the Ultion cylinders.  I had received an order a week before hand for 4 cylinders (all different lengths) and was able to key them alike on the training course.

The price to cut keys for our standard cylinders and Ultion cylinders is cheaper than Timpson’s!

As a registered Ultion centre we only use Genuine Ultion keys!

To see more information about other types of door locks that we stock please visit the following page:

Northampton Locksmiths – Door Locks

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