Dimple Keys

Dimple Keys

There are a lot of different Security Keys and locks appearing not only on business premises but also on domestic doors. Some keys are the traditional looking keys that most people know but becoming more popular are Dimple keys. A dimple key has a rectangular blade with various cone-shaped dimples drilled into the face of the blade at various depths. Typically the lock has 2 rows of pins that match up with 2 rows of dimples. Normally the key has the same dimple pattern on the back of the blade, making it symmetrical. This means it works no matter which way it is inserted into the lock. These locks are supplied with either a card or a code. This enables you to get spare keys cut to code / number and not copied from an existing key that may be worn.

Dimple Keys – Duplication

Here at Northampton Locksmiths Ltd we are able to provide a range of Dimple keys cut to code while you wait. Brands include Ultion, ABS, Yale and Mul-T-Lock. Prices range from £5.00 – £15.00 each (significantly cheaper than Timpson’s).

  • Ultion
  • Brisant
  • ABS
  • Cisa Astral
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • Pioneer
  • Yale Superior
  • Magnum
  • Gatemate

We are a licensed Ultion Key Centre and only use genuine Ultion dimple keys.

Dimple Key Door Locks

We keep a selection of the popular size Ultion cylinders in stock. We can also order other sizes you may require and subject to carriers can even have the lock the next working day for you.  If you have an existing Ultion lock and want one on another door to the same key we can get that in for you. In the near future we hope to be able to do this in our shop.

Many UK homes have spent £100’s even £1000’s on an alarm that will tell everyone when an intruder is inside your home. The lock on most doors that physically stops burglars getting in probably cost less £3.00!

The moment that Ultion detects forced entry it activates an attack lock directly into the central cam. This is known as ‘Lock Down Mode’. Even if the most determined intruder gets past Ultion’s two sacrificial sections he won’t get to the attack lock because it is protected deep inside a solid molybdenum core and secured with a dedicated retaining pin. When Ultion is in Lockdown Mode your home and family are safe. So if you have new doors fitted with Ultion cylinders you can rest assured that you have a quality lock.

You can find out more about our key cutting services by visiting the following link:

Northampton Key Cutting


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