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Watch Batteries (Button Batteries)

Write a Blog about watch batteries said Gary who designed and manages my website. I had no idea what could I possibly find to write about watch batteries but I’ll give it a go.

When we first started stocking and fitting watch batteries I was not really that keen. There are so many different batteries and what ones should we stock.  Our supplier was very helpful with this and told us what the most popular ones were that they sold.  Ten years on and we stock 24 different types of button batteries that are used in watches as well as other items such as children’s toys, kitchen and bathroom scales, computers, calculators, blood glucose meters, clocks and car remote fobs just to name a few.

Watch Batteries – Our three most popular

We find that 3 of the most popular button batteries we use are AG1, AG4 and CR2032. Different manufacturers use different reference numbers to identify the batteries they make.

For example the AG4 watch battery which is very popular it is also known as SR626SW and 377.

Here is a list of the batteries we stock and some of their other reference numbers.

  • 317 also known as SR516SW
  • 319 also known as SR527SW
  • 321 also known as SR616SW
  • 357 also known as SR44W and also AG13
  • 362 also known as SR721SW
  • 364 also known as SR621SW and also AG1
  • 370/371 also known as SR920SW and also AG6
  • 373 also known as SR916SW
  • 377 also known as SR626SW and also AG4
  • 379 also known as SR521SW and also AG0
  • 386 also known as SR43SW and also AG12
  • 389/390 also known as SR1130SW and also AG10
  • 392 also known as SR41SW and also AG3
  • 393 also known as SR754SW and also AG5
  • 394 also known as SR936SW
  • 395/399 also known as SR927SW and also AG7
  • 396/397 also known as SR726SW and also AG2
  • CR1616
  • CR1620
  • CR1632
  • CR2016
  • CR2025
  • CR2032
  • CR2430

Watch Batteries – Let us fit your replacement battery

Identifying certain button batteries can be very challenging, but what is more challenging is when a customer brings their watch in and there is no battery inside, sometimes it is not possible to find a battery in this situation.

Removing and putting the back of a watch is not always as easy as you would expect.  Fortunately we have a selection of tools to help us do this job including tools for screw on backs and a case press.

We also have the tools to remove links from some but not all watch straps and stock a small selection of pins for watch straps. Whilst we do not stock new metal watch straps we do sell leather straps in a selection of sizes and colours.


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