Your local Trophy & Engraving Store

Your Local Trophy & Engraving Store

There are so many things nowadays that people want or need engraving.

This includes simple things like

  • Dog discs
  • Key Rings
  • Plates on trophies
  • Giftware items
  • Memorial plaques
  • Cutlery
  • Glasses
  • Pen knives
  • Chef’s knives
  • Electrical sockets & switches

Our moto is “If it holds in the machine we will engrave it”

 Our first step into engraving was pet discs using a hand engraving machine. People would often ask us to engrave trophies and giftware and although the hand engraver was suitable for pet discs it was not of the quality people would want on their trophies.

This prompted us to look into buying a small manual engraving machine which was a pantograph style.  This involved putting individual brass letter templates into a track and copying the outline onto the item being engraved.  These letter sets were very expensive and we only ever had 2 sets.  We purchased a set which had very small text for the purpose of engraving 240 key rings all the same but they had 5 lines of text on each.  Each line had to be engraved individually on all 240 key rings before carrying onto the next line of text, this was very time consuming

We first started selling and engraving trophies in March 2000 and have engraved trophies and awards for companies like Homebase, Morrison’s and Travis Perkins as well as local sports like Old Northamptonians and Thorplands Club 81.  Dog discs and trophy plates are probably the most popular items we engrave but we get requests for so many different items.

We have 3 engraving machines in our retail shop allowing us to engrave on a large number of different items.

One machine is a manual machine which is mostly used to engrave onto the black bases and silver bands of cups.

We have a computerised flatbed engraving machine that holds flat items comfortably up to A4 size.  This is mainly used for signs, brass plaques, house numbers and we even engrave a lot of the keys we sell in the shop using jigs we have designed and made ourselves.

The third engraving machine which is also computerised is used for flat plates, medals, hip flasks, small signs, pet discs, glass awards, pens and giftware but also has the facility to engrave tankards and drinking glasses.

We are able to engrave onto a lot of different materials including aluminium trophy plate, brass plate, plastic, slate, glass and even Corian which is used for kitchen worktops.

  • Corian – We mainly use this to deep engrave numbers and letters for house signs. This material is perfect to deep engrave and infill with either a white or black paint so the numbers and letters stand out and the paint easily cleans off the surface.
  • Brass plate – We use this for memorial plaques on tree stakes and benches. We have also had requests for small brass plaques for the backs of church seats and switch markers on boats.
  • Plastic – We use this for signs and plaques on interiors doors and walls but we also make I.D. badges and our own key tags that we sell in our shop.
  • Slate – Used for house signs and plaques, suitable for exterior use.
  • Glass – Engraving onto glass coasters, trophies, Corporate Awards, tankards or other drinking glasses looks amazing but costs more than simple trophy plates. This is because engraving onto glass uses a special cutter; the machine has to run at a very low speed and takes a lot longer to do.

One of our suppliers offers us a free delivery on a Wednesday if delivered by their own van but orders must be received and confirmed by us to you before 2pm on the Tuesday.  (Any other orders may incur a delivery charge)

We do however keep a range of different trophies and awards in our retail shop for those last minute occasions but are unable to stock every single item that is in our 2 online catalogues.

Here a just a few of the different items we stock.

  • Cups
  • Football Trophies
  • Glass Awards
  • Golf Trophies
  • Hip Flasks
  • Medals & Ribbons
  • Rugby trophies
  • Wooden Shields
  • Salvers

We keep a selection of metal centre’s that go onto the trophies and awards but we are also able to supply centre’s using your own jpeg or bmp images.

We try where possible to turn orders around very quickly unlike other local companies who work on a 2 week lead time.   Even if you have placed your order and have missed an item they may still make you wait 2 weeks for the missed item.  With us when you have missed an item we will order it straight away for you.

We check every item that come into us and if we are not happy with the quality of any item when it comes in we will contact our suppliers who will replace it.  Not all of the items we reject are broken it just may be scuffs and scratches that are more cosmetic and we are able to sell these at a reduced price.

Why should you use us?

  • Local family run retail shop
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Quality service
  • Extensive knowledge of engraving
  • Printed layout available
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  1. a very usefull local trophy company who will go out of their way to get what you need and you can see first hand the types and sizes of their trophys .very trustworthy run by Sharon and Alan a very plesant and curtious father and daughter shop . p papp NCIBA

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